It could be twice as effective if it does

Woman “smelling” logos
Visual by Boyd using Canva and GIMP

Do You Even Need a Graphic Logo?

Visual by Boyd & Canva

A Simplified Guide

Answers to the #1 question in marketing

Illustration by Boyd

THE Question

An old patent for a silly hat-raising invention.
Visual: Google Patents

Name badge with several rejected names.
Visual by Boyd

Make a Good Name for Yourself Without Getting Sued

These verbal sidekicks need to be kicked out of your writing

Old movie cowboy and his comic sidekick
Visual by Boyd

Certain words are as powerful as incantations

Hypnotist putting lady intro trance in old drawing.
Visual by Boyd

Boyd Blackwood

Creative Director, writer, 30+ year marketing veteran. I share what I’ve learned about creativity, persuasion, and marketing.

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